Where it all began Grinds.com

Grinds.com was a site dedicated to my motoring routes, shared with Lotus buddies and like minded friends. Then one day along came someone from America offering me too much money to refuse for my domain name so cashing in the wonga I ported that content to Grinnders.com. So all the content previously available under Grinds.com is now accessible through this sub site, albeit refreshed, updated and made mobile friendly.

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The Burger Run

The route's the same but the destination has gone upmarket to Fish & Chips!

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Goodwood Stealth

The back door into Goodwood to avoid all the queues and roundabouts

Stealthy route »

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The Paper Run

A poor excuse to gorge yourself on automotive porn on the pretext of getting a paper

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Zig Zag Hill

The nearest you can get to mountain hairpins on the South Coast

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Lyndhurst Loop

Like the Paper Run but longer.

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10th Anniversary

The Bournemouth Lotus Owners Club 10th Anniversay tour to Torquay

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